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After The Storm

Rain drops evaporate on distant horizon
Blue skies dispel darker clouds
And the smell of a wet earth percolates olfactory senses
With a dampness beneath the rainbowed arch
As moss flourishes, drips drop
The torrents turn to a trickle
And a new world emerges from the storm



The Storm (Haiku)

Dissension midst clouds
As storms rage overhead and
Rains pelt silver darts


Storm Clouds

Such a grey day outside
Storm clouds billowing across the skies
In ominous swathes of judgement
Inauspiciously gathering with apocalyptic fervour
Summoning the torrential deluge
The tumultuous tempest
The foreboding squall
The cascade from the heavens
To silence the birdsong
With her hand of menacing sodden doom

The clouds were amazing this afternoon during ...

The clouds were amazing this afternoon during the storm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Blowing Quite A Gale

It’s blowing quite a gale outside
A-howling at the wall
And crashing round the garden
To carry one and all
Its power to move the mighty
To break, to readjust
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Staying in is quite a must
It’s gusting in a fury
It’s force so blustery
And whistling all the while it blows
Straight down the small alley
To drag all in its path and wake
The wind is wild today
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Guess we’d best stay out the way!



The Storm

Arrows of light
Shooting out of the sky
Spearing the earth from the clouded heights
Sending shafts of electric fear
With lightning speed
In forks of flashing metal streaks

Discordant crash
Echoes overhead
Pulsating violent thuds in heavens above
Clapping heavily in a constant display
With a mighty resonance
In an erupting cacophony of uproar

Hydrated darts
Pour down on the land
Gushing forth from the burdened clouds
Soaking drenched souls awash
With a deluge; waterlogged
In floods that cannot be withstood

And howling winds
Rise with crescendo’s force
Cautioning the world with a grey blanket
Dimming sunlights luminosity
With a storm’s might
In a whirl of power and strength

But then in a breath ….

Peace yields
Hushed tones return
Ebbing away the weather battle
Pattering drops of rain fade
With calm returning
In the wake of the storm