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Keyholes To Potential

A world made of keyholes
Where you are the keys
Each one very different
Each matched uniquely
To your wishes and dreams
To your hopes and desires
To your goals and ambitions
All those things that inspire
You to pass your own limit
Extend your sights too
So unlock your potential
And release the true you


Keyhole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Give Your Children Just Enough

Give your children just enough
To go and make some good
But not enough that then they fail
Nor see the tree or wood
Give them a start and help them to
Appreciate this Earth
To own their own pathways ahead
Not just by right of birth

And let them harness steadfastness
Inspired to do much more
To take the little that they have
And rise on footholds sure
With knowledge that they can succeed
Be who they want to be
And open up the way ahead;
Take opportunity

To know that by their own attempts
Their focus and their might
They’ll take the little that you give
And with hard work in sight
They’ll master their autonomy
Be true to who they are
And journey whilst holding on fast
So that they will go far

Goal! (Haiku)

Setting a target
Focussing on a set goal
Scoring ‘gainst all odds

Basketball goal

Basketball goal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreams Fulfilled

In life there are so many things
That stand right in our way
A million blocks that circumvent
Our dreams; our hopes delay

But with a will of fortitude
Of strength and true resolve
Let’s creatively determine
To not let them dissolve

Nor diffuse them in the ether
To vanish out of sight
But courageously take up cups
And mantles with full might

Let’s work out pathways through the mist
Dispelling clouds for sun
To shine; illuminate the way
So inspiration runs

And then we’ll live lives; dreams fulfilled
With difference to impart
That touch, caress and so uplift
The contents of our heart


Photo Credit: Jenni Dellow

Exam Nerves

Sweaty paws!
Clenching jaws!
The testing season’s here
Heart beats race
Feet will pace
Pushed on by exam fears

Yet here’s the thing
O’er everything
Past sympathetic tone
Take a big breath
Lest scared to death
For you are not alone

And chill your beans
For by no means
Will too much stress help you
For certain sure
You do know more
Than you believe is true

So hold on to
And smile anew
For now the time is here
To demonstrate
Then celebrate
How much you’ve learnt this year!


Achieving Achievement

It took an eon some would say
A decade or much more
To recognize the work he did
The way he did outpour
His heart and soul in everything
His mind so well attuned
The way he worked consistently
His ethic so festooned
With grit, determination and
A focus of intent
Pure motivation in his drive
Without any relent

And after such self-discipline
At last he had reward
Achievement’s stamp that said “Well done!
Your effort, we applaud
Your attitude; exemplary
Your mind-set of pure gold
Now see that it’s been all worthwhile
You’ve broken from the mould
For let no one dare stand and think
It was the easy way
For by persistent grafting you
Got where you are today! ”


Success (Photo credit: kevinthoule)


It’s what you do with what you get
That gets you far in life
The can do attitude to hold
That staves off any strife

The best foot forward rationale
The willingness to try
To say come on let’s have a go
Not give up or pass by

To hold on fast to fighting chance
To give it your best shot
To keep the irons right in the fire
Not flee when heat turns hot

To grab at opportunity
To stay right in the race
For what you do with what you get
Might just turn up the ace.


Achievement (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))

Innate Encouragement

The hidden gem within us that
Ignites a burning fire
The small inconsequential act
Propels and can inspire

The minute prick of consciousness
Or surge from in our heart
The thought, the deed or even dream
The challenge to impart

The inborn motivation that
Pushes intrinsically
A determined focussed vision
Driving forward natively

Desire, hopes, wishes; all of them
Supporting achievement
From inspirations droplets
Innate encouragement



Shine Bright

Shine Bright just like a new star
And radiate your light
Produce a sound magnificent
That’s crisp and oh so bright
And know you are like sunshine
That brightens up the day
Shine Bright just like a new star
So great in every way

Shine Bright

With thanks to Ben DJ Photography for use of the photo and wishing the lad in it every best with his music college auditions

You Can Do It

You can do it – I know you can
You’ll be quite fab for sure
Remember all your past success
From what has gone before
And stand up proud and contemplate
On why you’re really there
Consider what this really means
Step up; breathe in fresh air!
Then focus hard and steadfastly
The end post in your sight
And know that you can do this, for
I know you will shine bright!

You Can Do It