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The Rainbow

In circle band of spectral light
In sky illusion’s ring
From clouds to view the loop so clear
Below the arc rising

From red to green to violet
Sun’s rays refracted through
And mirrored in the rain, the mist
Or even morning dew

Still more a second bow appears
Beholden reversed rays
From indigo to yellows; reds
In turn above displays

A covenant to all the earth
Of rich diversity
As Nature’s prism shines; revels
The power of unity

The Rainbow

A Joyful Day

A joyful day breaks
Sun shines and new buds burst forth
Bird sings on the wing

A Joyful Day

Blue Skies

Where heavens waver constantly
Up in the sky so blue
Expanding cross the universe
With conscious insights new

Where clouds roll out as whispers and
Spool freely too and fro
Their cotton buds of pure white tints
And murmurs as they go

Where sun burns down so brightly
With heat; sunshiny ray
Eluding hope and happiness
Blue skies stretch out today

Just one of those glorious early summer days i...

Just one of those glorious early summer days in Sydney… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aurora Hunting

Tonight we’re going to be
Aurora Hunters all
To head into the countryside
And see a spectacle

To witness in great earnest
A vision in the heights
The aurora borealis
Aka Northern Lights

And with hat, scarves and mittens
To save against the cold
We’re hoping to gaze up and see
Phenomena so bold

Where energy dispersing
Will colour radiantly
Or least that is our one desire
Our wish expectantly

So now that such activity
Has hit earth from the sun
We’re off on our aurora hunt
Let’s hope that we’ll see one!

English: This is a picture of Aurora Borealis ...

English: This is a picture of Aurora Borealis from canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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