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Break in the Clouds

We had a glorious day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and such a welcome break to this long cold winter


Give Me Love Over Riches

Give me love over riches
Give me compassion too
Give me kindness and empathy
For the happier view

Give me laughter and sunshine
The smile from a child
Give me honesty, openness
Make me meek, make me mild

And the day will be mine
Cross the months and the years
Where with courage and grace
Blessings cross all frontiers.


British Summertime

The weather’s heating up
The sun is out and high
On summer’s sultry promises
Of warmth up to July

For then the rain will turn up
As children go on break
To wash away the holidays
And summer in its wake

So make the most of May
And maybe also June
Because just in a blink of eye
It will be gone too soon



If I were a wave I think “wow, how cool”
To roam and to roll everywhere
For as water I’d go all over the globe
Or as a sound wave travel through air

As a microwave that would be pretty good
Although matters might get a tad hot
Or maybe a radio wave would be best
Maybe that would just then hit the spot

But the best wave of all, I think would be light
To race with great speed like sunshine
Through the universe onwards to infinity
Now that wave would suit me just fine!


Weather Worry

We really could do without weather
For whatever the weather is
The Brits seem to obsess and to worry
And get themselves in a terrible tizz!

When it snows the roads grind to a standstill
When it rains it’s so terribly wet
When the sunshines we fear about burning
About our health and our crops do we fret

With thunder and lightning we vex further
When gales blow we fear we’ll get hit
But whatever the weather there’s one thing for sure
We’ll always complain about it!!!