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Born To Trust

Born to trust so innocently
Cradled naivety
With eyes that seek so openly
For love to come for free
With arms that reach to safety’s shore
With hearts that beat so fast
Expectancy and hope embraced
At birth but will it last?

Dependent for all sustenance
For nurturing by grace
To search the contours of a smile
A warm reliant face
With no more than pure faith; belief
And hope of loving aid
From those who brought this new life forth
That babe in arms is laid

And so we have a duty to
Protect the small wee child
To give the love that they desire
With kindness ever mild
Honour the gift of life that trusts
In each with love impart
To step up and safeguard each life
With shelter, shield and heart

Holding hands

Holding hands (Photo credit: Marco Nedermeijer)


To hold a child’s small hand
To hear their fast heart beat
To listen to their song and rhyme
To walk their steps petite
To hear their worries and their toils
To understand their mind
To take the time so selflessly
To give; to be so kind
To uplift all their worth
To cherish their esteem
To speak with love; to act the same
To let them hope and dream
To pray for their safe keeping
To keep them from all ill
To save them from a fallen path
To bid them their free will
To accept them as they are
To teach them every day
To lead them to green pastures
To believe in what they say
To honour and protect them
To help them do their part
To see the good and happiness
To hold their hand and heart


holding hands

holding hands (Photo credit: aarongilson)



If you need a hug then have one
Without question, without blame
Without judgement or conditions
For all hugs should mean the same.
As each and every arm wrap
Should come with aid, support and care
To say so very simply
That you’re not alone – we’re there!

And so in times of trouble
Turmoil or just pure strife
Reach out for some affection
To uphold you all through life
And cherish a little comfort
Offload, detox, unplug
By sharing tender moments
All wrapped up in a hug!