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The Generation Gap

The hip hop senior generation
With their caps and greying locks
Donning white neat apple head phones
And their whacky zany socks
Are a far cry from their father’s generation
When three piece suits were all the rage
Where starched collar or more simply
Plus fours could be engaged
To attract the ladies with their gallantry
And chivalry to boot
To promenade and take on in
A tea-dance in their pursuit
Whilst today’s older generation
Are keeping up a pace
Without leaving any clues
As their years vanish without trace
Ditching pearls and being daring
Engaging hobbies quite extreme
You’ll have to take a second glance
For they’re not what they would seem
For from young to old are all alike
And all are in the game
The generation gap is closing
They all now look the same
For the hip hop generation
May be your Granny that is true
But equally, in just a breath
You may turn round and find it’s you!