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The Easter Bunny Strike

Have you heard the Easter Bunny
Won’t be working next weekend
Cos Tooth Fairy’s rejected him
And won’t become his friend
Says he’s rotting all the teeth
Of the boys and girls per se
So Bunny’s gone into a strop
And will strike this Easter day

He’s stamped his feet and scarpered
He’s cross as cross can be
Says Tooth Fairy needs to back off
Apologise for free
For it’s not his fault that children like
His chocolate and his eggs
And if he’s blamed then he’ll stay home
To save his weary legs

And so a crisis’s pending
Whatever will we do
If no eggs get delivered in
The mad hullabaloo
For despite his moans and grumbles
It’s really clear to see
That both need to just compromise
Both Fairy and Bunny!

For let’s be honest and quite frank
There’s so much more at stake
Than teeth or bunny’s precious pride
For all the children’s sake
And more so Easter spirit
For when all is set aside
It’s really not about the eggs
But the new life that’s implied.

So sweetest Easter Bunny
Hop along now won’t you dear
Cos you can’t ransom Easter
Not at this time of year
And Tooth Fairy, please do be nice
And try not to be mean
Cos with a brush after each egg
All teeth will stay quite clean!

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Beware Of the Biters

Beware of the biters and nippers
The ones who take chunks of you
Who tear at your fleshy emotions
To pierce the peace out of the blue

Those chompers who think it is OK
To nibble and get in their teeth
To expose raw feelings and passions
Revealing a wound underneath

And those who gnaw in with their gnashes
Who think that they are really tough
In fact need a toothy extraction
For enough is just really enough!

Apple with a bite taken out of it.

Apple with a bite taken out of it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)