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Devil Of Temptation

Oh devil of temptation
Cease now your wanton ways
Your niggling hand that tests my will
That bids me go astray

Be gone and do not lure me
The apple to entice
Don’t tantalise, seduce, nor pull
Nor coax with loaded dice

And flame that races through me
Be quenched; be snuffed and die
Let pleasure’s expectation cease
Temptation  now deny!

Apple with a bite taken out of it.

Apple with a bite taken out of it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The Salesmen

Beware the window salesman
He’ll stand about and chat
And sell you frames, conservatories
And flaps just for your cat
He’ll even do you offers
On gutters; facias too
And heaven only knows his deals
On front doors – good as new!

For in all truth he’s just so like
The car salesman down the street
Who sells you a soft top with just
Two front and no back seats
Despite the fact you’re pregnant
With hordes of kids at home
For somehow he convinces you
You need some time alone!

You need some time! Well don’t you just!
But in reality
With baby number 5 soon due
Those days you cannot see
Yet still you drive away from there
In red Mercedes Benz
To house with new conservatory
Both salesmen now your friends!

Mercedes-Benz SLR (C199)

Mercedes-Benz SLR (C199) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arabian Knight

The face of greed amidst the mangrove swamp
Beholding the temptress; her charm irrefutable
On saline tide drawing him to her breast
Unrequited; alluring; enticing
Bathing in the riches of Persian pearls
The oils of eastern charm

And yet she is nothing but a transitory illusion
Draining his Bedouin pools of life
With tar bleeding his heart
And gold no longer residing in his soul
As she conceives her triumph, he is lost
Arabian knight without his steed



Temptation is addictive
Draws you in enticingly
The carrot less the stick at play
Where will might fail to be

Resolving to be better
To not succumb; be strong
Less the allure; the gathering
The coax but things go wrong

And then it comes a-hankering
Appeal; forbidden bait
Temptation; irresistible
You can’t!  You just can’t wait!

William Blake: The Temptation and Fall of Eve - illustration to Milton's 'Paradise Lost' (1808, pen and watercolour on paper)Category:William Blake

William Blake: The Temptation and Fall of Eve – illustration to Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ (1808, pen and watercolour on paper)Category:William Blake

Treading on Eggshells

A million broken eggshells
To tip toe through in space
To hesitate, to waver
To negotiate the race

Just like broken shards of glass
To miss and to avoid
To take care not to break more
Lest more become destroyed

Or to turn from such fragility
The rivers of lost tears
The wailing and the bedlam
Where time claims no more years

And seek a diamond pathway
Of golden happiness
Where sun glints in the distance
So tempting with less stress

Towards the crystal mountain
With distance from eggshells
To paradise and peacefulness
Or into another hell?

Easily Damaged

Easily Damaged (Photo credit: mikko)