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Ah the weekend’s round the corner
I feel it on the wind
I can sense it soon arriving
As the week will then rescind
Its clutches on our time and life
All pressured and harassed
To welcome in the weekend for
A break that’s unsurpassed

A time to spend with family
To down some wine or beer
To rest, relax and contemplate
With good times and much cheer
To unwind and put feet up
To socialise; party
To partake in our choice of things
Our loves and our hobby

A time to mow the garden lawn
Or wash the car and dog
To frequent gym and tennis courts
And maybe try leap frog
To shop and cook and maybe clean
Prepare for the next week
Whilst keeping kids all occupied
Without a tear or squeak

To decorate that back bedroom
To plant the borders up
To polish all the silverware
To fix that broken cup
And then when we’ve quite finished we’ll
Drop on Monday stressed
And need another break to then
Recover from our rest!


Weekend (Photo credit: Cláudia*~Assad)



South West London, the place to be
For tennis and a Strawberry Tea
Where whites abound and racquets meet
On grass courts with the pure elite
And points meet cheers or harrowed gasps
From crowds with brollies tightly clasped
While green and purple hues arise
As balls in play await the prize.
For two whole weeks the games go on
The matches played, the days are long
The players come, the players go
The sets and games, the seeds to sow
Until the final games are played
And victories are not delayed
Declaring each a champion
For those who win at Wimbledon.

South West London, the place to catch
When the umpire says “game, set, match!”

Wishing Andy Murray and Laura Robson all the best in the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.