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A Day Off

If I could have a day off chores?
I’d feel so very glad
Would it really be that lazy?
Would it really be so bad?

And a day without the washing
Would just make me so happy
No hanging out and bringing in
Or ironing with my tea!

And to have a break from cleaning
Dusting shelves and mopping floors
Would be a complete blessing
Oh please – I do implore

Or to take some time off cooking
From grating cheese and all
We could go out and have dinner
To avoid the kitchen’s call

Just a day to not do anything
A day to rest and see
The way life really could be
Without chores and liberty

The freedom to chillax a bit
And rest my weary legs
To watch TV or maybe shop
For clothes just off the peg

So could I have a day off chores
I’d feel so very glad
Would it really be that lazy?
Would it really be so bad?




Not again!  That last minute feeling
With the buzz and adrenalin rush
Wondering if you will ever make it
Without getting in another hot flush

Not again!  Cutting it so close
The need to race and beat the clock
The wonder if you’ll actually manage it
With sweating palms riding the shock

Not again!  Down to the wire
Pushing the boundaries, tipping the scales
The heart race and panic now building
Breathing in deeply, looking quite pale

Not again!  Why are we so late?
What happened to planning and being on time?
Organisation and careful time management
Where early gives reason and rhyme!



Don’t you really have to love them –
Those people that say they’ll do a job
And then forget or dilly dally
And procrastinate and fob

Or those who promise a delivery
Be it books or things in-store
Electronics or web-placed orders
Then never knock upon your door

Or those who promise that they’ll call you
They say “we must have a cup of tea”
But you know it’ll never happen
Cos they never do – they’re never free

Then there’s those that want to help
They promise, that’s no crime
They like the idea evidently
They just never have the time!

But the thing that is apparent
Is that their intentions are all good
But either their time management is crazy
Or they can’t action what they should

So let’s take up the challenge
Individually or in a mob
And action what we say well do
Just get on and do that job!