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I Was, You Were

I know you think it all makes sense
When ‘you was’ comes from your lips
But please be sure to get it right
Without this sort of slip
For very simply, it is this
‘I was,’ ‘you were,’ so please
Use were with you and was with I
For linguistic expertise!

To Be Or Not To Be

If it’s all about the doing
What you say, hear and see
How about a tad more of it
Being about the be

For ‘I am‘ is what’s important
To obtain consistency
A deeper self-awareness
That expresses you from me

As much as ‘you are‘ also
Unique in your own way
To find your inner sanctum
That’s ‘to be‘ day after day

And so in the midst of chaos
To be 
Is at the end the only thing
That will set each heart free