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Philosophy of Tolerance

There’s a practice amongst humans
Where opinions are a vent
To understand the raison d’être
The purpose; no relent
To box in categories how
Just each conjecture lies
To label them philosophy
Postulate and theorise

Then each of these is made into
A system of beliefs
A way; a vision; attitude
That aims to give relief
To human constant questioning
Of what has gone before
Or what will happen in the next
What’s through life’s tight sealed door

But still the bottom line is this
That whilst we might believe
In select ideas and outlooks
That we choose to conceive
All have a perfect credence
When they are bought into
For minds aid understanding
When hearts have buy in too

And so why some fight; go to war
Dictating what is right
Just seems to block perspective
And fails to have insight
For there’s a patchwork blanket
That spreads across the Earth
Humanity’s opinions
The bedrock that gives worth

The values each subscribe to and
The ways they want to be
Opinions, sentiments and thoughts
To comprise philosophy
So in essence it might be the case
That there’s more than one way
If we all chose to synchronize
With tolerance each day

Philosophy of Tolerance




Think!  Patience is a virtue
Open wider your mind’s eye
Live and walk in other’s shoes
Enrich – diversify
Respect the ways of others
And be there to give support
Take care of all upon this Earth
Enjoy!  No second thought.

Successful integration / Gelungene Integration

Successful integration / Gelungene Integration (Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)

Make Believe

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where pain is there no more
Where suffering has vanished and
Heartbreak has gone for sure

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where fears are all wiped out
Where all can live in harmony
Without the hand of doubt

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where peace reigns all supreme
Where wars have ceased their battle cry
And tolerance redeemed

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where love is at the core
Where man can live in unity
Establishing rapport

Let’s make believe there is a world
A world that is its best
A world where faith inspires mankind
A world where all are blessed