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A Vote That Counts

Labour are red
The Tories are blue
Vote however you like
For the fact that holds true
Is that tomorrow; next week
When the new PM’s in
It will still be the case
That you can still win
If you don’t blame the outcome
On a whole load of rot
But focus instead
On the skills that you’ve got
To focus, work hard
With resolve and with might
For the gold that you seek
Is intrinsic; out of sight
Being contained in each one of us
For better or bad
So dig deep and discover
With a heart that is glad
To not see the red, and neither the blue
But the spectrum inside you
And make that work for you
For politicians will come
And then they will go
And no matter how much
Each manifesto
Makes great promises to match
Your wishes and wills
Or tries to deliver
Through political frills
Labour will stay red
The Tories will stay blue
But the rainbow that gives most
Will be always in you


Let Them Eat Porridge!

The story broke yesterday, that Baroness Jenkin, a Tory peer, said poor people should go hungry because they ‘don’t know how to cook’ cheap foods such as porridge! (The Independent, Issue No. 8789).  My advice to her is to never criticise another until you have walked at least a mile in their shoes.  Sure we know that home cooking might be a cheaper option and people have responsibility to cut their coat according to their cloth but poverty isn’t always a self inflicted and there are many other issues at play here bar simple home economics.  For instance did you know that at the present time the UK government can take over half a year to process personal independence payments for severely disabled people who simply cannot work!  Did you know that it can take 13 weeks to sort out child maintenance payments!  Did you know that the school curriculum for cooking in some schools only taught one girl how to bake scones and make pizza!  If this is happening right under our noses, then the picture is a lot bigger than simply cooking porridge!  It is a poor show when the privileged therefore cast such judgements for a truly civilized society helps its poor and vulnerable and doesn’t condemn them!  Porridge may be an option but it should never be a dictate for minds will never be opened and receptive, if they are continually pummelled and beaten.

Let them eat porridge!
Let them eat gruel!
We’ll starve them and blame them
Or is that too cruel?
We’ll tell them it’s their fault
We’ll pass the buck too
But step up and help them
Well that’s up to you!!

For forget that occasionally
This world is quite rough
And some are disabled
Whilst some get it tough
Through not just their doing
But the twist of the knife
That others inflict and
Which deliver much strife!

Forget that the vulnerable
Need support, help and care
But cast forth the finger
And point anywhere
But not introspectively
For we know what’s best
We have our opinions
And theirs we detest!

So divided we fall
And divided we stay
For despite the true sentiment
That home cooking’s the way
It’s lost in the judgement
Position of blame
For whilst porridge is fine
It’s not that simple a game!