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Trust the central tenet
Between mother and her child
The unspoken link that never should
Be broken or defiled
For abuse trust and take it out
Of that relationship
And all else unwinds; falls apart
And then begins to slip



With all the money in the world
Somethings are not for sale
Good manners, morals and respect
Are free – no cash entailed!

Then character and common sense
Sit past the bankers door
Lest trust, patience, integrity
No charge for rich or poor

And then there’s love with no set price
Not to be bought or sold
For all these things you cannot buy
Just learn, uplift, behold!


Virtue (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)


What cloak will you encapsulate?
What feeling, be your guise?
Will it be one of fear or sadness,
Anger, joy or pure surprise?

Will anticipation be your mantle
Or perhaps disdain, disgust?
Or will your emotive boat sail
On the open seas of trust?

For emotions are the driving force
Behind experiences each day
Insurgents that control our hearts
Our heads and minds and way


Born To Trust

Born to trust so innocently
Cradled naivety
With eyes that seek so openly
For love to come for free
With arms that reach to safety’s shore
With hearts that beat so fast
Expectancy and hope embraced
At birth but will it last?

Dependent for all sustenance
For nurturing by grace
To search the contours of a smile
A warm reliant face
With no more than pure faith; belief
And hope of loving aid
From those who brought this new life forth
That babe in arms is laid

And so we have a duty to
Protect the small wee child
To give the love that they desire
With kindness ever mild
Honour the gift of life that trusts
In each with love impart
To step up and safeguard each life
With shelter, shield and heart

Holding hands

Holding hands (Photo credit: Marco Nedermeijer)

Broken Trust

Like a stick snapped underfoot
And a bough seared by the lightning bolt
The fence crushed by the hurricane
A shoreline washed away in the tsunami
And the cliff eroded by the sea
Or the landslide subsiding by the storm
Broken Trust; catastrophic destruction
The wound with no dressing
The broken bone with no cast
The heart with no home.


The Desert of the Lost

I pray you never see this place
A far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

A land where streams are empty
Dried out and cracked so dry
A land where trees barely exist
And vultures fill the sky

A land where an oasis
Is just a faint mirage
And lakes are distant memories
And faded by the entourage

Of dreams cascading to illusions
Lost waterholes forgot
A land so parched and very dry
With searing heat so hot.

Where lives seem non-existent
Where no-one dares to go
A land devoid of water
Where the river never flows

I pray you’ll never go there
This desert of the lost
This place reserved for lonely souls
Where heartbreak counts the cost

This place where veins no longer
Can flow with life’s red blood
For hope and faith and trust and love
Are gone in tidal floods

No! I pray you never see this place
This far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand