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Blue Marbled Sphere


Blue marbled sphere that spins through space
In watered hue through skies
Of foreign universal realms
Let’s not see its demise
But protect such a precious gem
Midst planets, stars and more
Look after the resources that
Are ours to thus ensure
That such a globe will continue
To revolve life on Earth
And that’s its citizens will have
The rights bequeathed at birth
Of fresh water and clean pure air
With true equality
Available for each to have
Its riches in plenty
And that this orb in galaxies
Will stand the test of time
A blue dot in the cosmos saved
By reason and by rhyme
Preserving our terrestrial sphere
To do, to be, to hold
The life source in all heavens ranks
Forever blessed – this world


The End

Will the words ever cease
Will the notes ever dry
Or the stars fall right out
Of the heavens and sky

Will the sun fail to rise
Will moon end its reign
Or the world stop revolving
On its axis again

Will the waves lull their lapping
Will the winds calm not blow
Or the birds fall to silence
Or the trees never grow

Will these things ever happen
Will our planet decease
Or universe disappear
Or time even cease

And in wondering these questions
And thinking them through
There’s one thing for certain that
We won’t know if they do

So why consider and contemplate
Or muse in such a way
When our time could be spent making
The most of our days

Yet I think on reflection that
We’d all like to know
When the end will be nigh so
We can up sticks and go

Photo Credit: NASA (via

Anyone Out There?

In Hat Creek California
Down on a silent plain
Auricles are precisely set
To listen out again
For the WOW signal incoming
From elsewhere; from ET
But will they hear it; pick it up
Is there more than you and me?

For we have hope that we aren’t in
The universe alone
Sharing our galaxy with more
Than spinning on our own
Through space and time eternal
Throughout the Milky Way
As those in Hat Creek listen out
Incessantly each day

English: An artist's impression of our home ga...

English: An artist’s impression of our home galaxy – the Milky Way. Our solar system is one of billions in the galaxy. And the galaxy is one of billions in the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Waxing Moon

The moon waxes her passage
Shining through silhouetted branches
Set against the dark indigo sky
Radiant in her being
Although out of reach beyond the clouds
That skate in whispers
Like ghosts; ethereal in the midnight air
Yet still she nestles in partnership with Mother Earth
In synchrony with the universe
Suspended in space yet locked –
Locked in matrimony to this blue planet
In a bond extending into eternity

English: Waxing Crescent Moon Waxing crescent ...

English: Waxing Crescent Moon Waxing crescent moon at dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Human Quest

Exponential exploration
From ape to man in space
Yet still despite such gains it seems
There’s much to learn; embrace

Acknowledging that we don’t know
All that there is out there
Beyond the universal gate
Past planets and thin air

And so with open mind we must
Discover and explore
With yearning hearts to ascertain
More knowledge that’s for sure

And search til there’s no more to search
Ask til all answers cease
In quest to find all there’s to find
Our brain banks to increase

Then journey on with minded might
To realms so very far
Extending learning with intent
As man amongst the stars

English: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. *...

English: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. * Additional noise reduction performed by Diliff. Original image by Luc Viatour. Français : L’éclipse totale de soleil en 1999 faite en France. * Réduction du bruit réalisée par Diliff. Image d’origine Luc Viatour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)