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Off To Uni

Today he’s off to London
I feel a little sad
But may this Richard Whittington
Find gold and nothing bad
As on those cobbles nightly
He stumbles home to bed
With lager in his belly and
A thumping pounding head

Yet in the days let him be stretched
And filled up to brim
With nuggets of pure knowledge that
Will make him smart not dim
So that his future pathways will
Be made of all that gleams
So, go now my son and do your best
And live your wildest dreams




Swot and study
Constant going
To get wise
Or is that worn out
Who just knows?
Learning facts
And writing prose
Mind maps, post-sticks
Notes on wall
Books of jottings
Getting full
Cramming! Stuffing
Will it stay?
We’ll just see
On exam day!


Empty Nest

As children start to leave the nest
There’s certain comfort sure
That we’ll still share the moon and stars
And sunshine evermore

For as the moon beams brightly and
Stars twinkle way up high
Or sunlight shines each waking day
We’re linked by constant sky

Reminding that as family
We’ll always be combined
Despite the distance; miles between
Our hearts will stay entwined

English: Stork nest in Silves, Portugal

English: Stork nest in Silves, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Off To Uni (Haiku)

Time to fly the nest
How fast the years have passed by
No longer a boy

Happy Birthday

Photograph courtesy of Ed Chappell