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Fooled By A Dream

Behold the azure sky
With scattered cotton wool clouds
Ahead the light of a golden sun
Shining onto verdant fields
Where pure crystal rain nourishes
A world at peace
Where each is reconciled to the other
Wars are no longer fought
Battles are but a distant memory
Love is the universal code
Uniting the hearts of humankind
And I shed a tear as I realise my April Fool
Fooled by a dream
A wish
A longing
An imagining that harmony
Collaboration could even exist
Were it so
I wish it was



I dreamt we went to greener lands
The other side of fence
A land of mysteries so great
A land so called pretence
Where water was so very clear
Where hunger didn’t call
Where hurt and pain had left this earth
Where no-one took a fall
Where love was the only language
And care the paradigm
I dreamt we went to greener lands
Where all was so sublime

The place that is a paradise
The land that could exist
Where living in fine harmony
Burns sunshine through the mist
The place of purer unity
Where all diversity
Is celebrated; assets shared
A place we’d like to be
Where blame just doesn’t happen and
Respect is given worth
I dreamt we went to greener lands
A heaven here on earth


I dream of a utopia
Where all men would be free
Where none would be restricted
Upholding liberty
Trading in a currency of respect
Where integral honesty would flow
A place where blame would dwindle
Responsibility would grow
A world that deals in kindness
Where consideration is rife
Where a subscription to love your neighbour
Becomes the new way to live life
Where accountability is normal
And potential can be achieved
With a creed of empathy
And encouragement conceived

And in my Utopian dream
A clear vision is revealed
A world where all are equal
Where truth is not concealed
For here ideal society
Is as real as real can be
And inspiration is quite tangible
Shining out through you and me
With clarity and transparency
With compassion and with care
With dedication and understanding
Surrounding everywhere
And the world is shooting to the moon
And reaching to the stars
With a sense of fulfillment and completeness
Utopian hearts that now are ours.