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The Safeguarders

They said they were the safeguarders
They said they would protect
They said they would ensure children
Would not be circumspect
To trouble or to bullying
To wanton hostile way
But sadly they subscribed to these
With drama on display

They blew out of proportion
The smallest little things
Their ego dancing all up front
To run around in rings
Their own agenda furiously
Perspectives all awry
And in the end they failed to care
To save them lest they die

They failed as their defender
They ceased to comprehend
They lost touch with reality
They failed to fix and mend
And took away their only hope
Their trust they did repel
So safeguarders?  Not likely more
Antagonists from hell

Child protection is an important part of life and each of us must play a vital part in safeguarding our children.  Being entrusted with the responsibility to step up to the mark cannot be taken lightly and requires respect, responsibility and care.  Those who don’t take this seriously or fail in their duty can cause untold misery and deprivation – getting it wrong is surely as bad as either not doing anything at all or being the actual antagonist.  We each, therefore, need to take up the gauntlet to ensure that we truly understand, care and genuinely work towards making each and every child matter with a mission to enhance the lives of our younger generation to give them a better tomorrow.  

A polite reminder that this blog operates a disclaimer policy regarding interpretation of text.  This is not written to point the finger at anyone specifically more so to highlight a vitally important aspect of child protection.


There are many layers to harassment
The subtle and more sour
The clothes of provocation that
Are worn to overpower

The undergarments that constrict
With suits that quite immerse
The ties that throttle or perplex
And shirts that noose not nurse

The dresses that disguise the facts
And belts that whip and scar
The shoes that kick in teeth and head
The bags that hold no bar

The wardrobe of persecution
Worn by those still more and more
The constant form of harassment
That goads and plagues for sure

And with each fashion statement they
Torment so constantly
These items that persist on paths
Exhausting anxiously

Harassment, such a cruel sport
That’s dressed in many way
But one that really has to stop
Destroying lives each day



Power Abuse

When abuse comes a calling
It wears a pure disguise
That vexes and confuses
To exploit with harsh surprise

It dresses up in power
With relationships askew
And undermines, manipulates
To bully me and you

It shouts out from the hill-tops
It whittles down; erodes
It comes in many guises
And travels many roads

But specifically it’s hidden
In a way not to suggest
That its using power to whittle down
And damage lives at rest

For power abuse is crippling
It shouts and rants and raves
To eliminate autonomy
Destroy free will in waves

To talk of expectations
That break down and don’t build up
That sits upon a pedestal
To partake in venom’s cup

And all it leaves is deprivation
In its wake of abused power
That leaves the victim helpless
And desperate in need’s hour

So let’s arise and expose those
Who use power to get their way
That eliminate all others
Let’s step up, say NO today!

This continues our series on abuse – domestic abuse in the poem Pebble, power abuse affecting children in the poem The Gift of Free Will and racial abuse and discrimination in the poem The Chocolate Box.  So many are affected by power abuse where there is an imbalance in the power in a relationship either through a social heirarchy, in the work place, in schools, in communities, in our personal relationships or anywhere where one has some sort of hold over another.  To those affected, our hearts go out to you – to those perpetrating these acts, step up to the mark and realize that power comes with responsibility to care for and look after those “under” you and as we move towards a new year, new start and new beginnings re-establish harmony, peace and equality so that no-one feels bullied by another.

We should point out that none of these poems are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)

The School Bully

The bitchin’ and the backstabbing
The threats that they all said
The taunting and the petty jibes
Filled up her pretty head

The cracks of “we don’t talk to her”
“Send her to Coventry”
The ostracism and the pain
Complete despondency

The lack of appreciation
The shouting out of names
The hostility and hatred
The slur and playing games

The sadness so overwhelming
The devastating strife
The ongoing persecution
Left her to take her life

The life that had been so precious
Now gone prematurely
By administrating malice
The unchecked school bully

Next week is anti-bullying week aiming to call on all children and young people to create a bully-free future.  To find out more click here or visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance Facebook page.  Whatever age you are though bullying is unacceptable – it is sadly not confined to childhood but can crop up anywhere at anytime but there is help and support out there.  If you are/have been affected by this please talk to someone about it.  More support is also available here as well

The Bully

There was no meaning in his soul
And in his heart a searing hole
And his eyes a vacancy
In his spirit lost transparency
A fragile state that cried with hurt
Yet masked with words to disconcert
And deeds that punished for his pain
Lashing out in anger to kill and maim
Where consequence concerned him not
His victim’s lives were left in knots
Yet underneath he still cried out
To want the love he had forgot
To extend to those he had destroyed
With the bullying he had employed