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Optical Theatres (Haiku)

An upside down world
Strikes light on rods and cones in
Optical theatres



Ophthalmic Twist

When I was young I marvelled with my eyes
To navigate the world and all I saw
I loved and laughed and, yes, I sometimes cried
And sought to see as much for certain sure

When I was older by the use of sight
I read and learnt absorbing words in text
And saw so many things past rainbows bright
Exploring life to see what happened next

But now I’m old and vision escapes me
The light grows dim and sights blurs to a mist
My heart is now my compass and my lens
Accommodating in ophthalmic twist

Thinking Outside The Box

We’re told to think outside the box
And yet it’s very true
That what a box contains and holds
Can be exciting too
Particularly when the said box
Is precious to behold
The box that makes you who you are
Your inner heart of gold
And then to think what is inside
Brings joy and happiness
For sometimes it’s what we have now
That makes us feel most blessed

And so whilst looking past the box
Portends ambitiously
Remember and uphold the best
Of all you presently
Have up to now; the person who
You are – the ‘stuff’ within
The secrets you already have
Unmasked – the best you’ve been
And that will give you courage to
Stride out across the miles
Discovering life way past your box
With confidence and smiles



An early start and bleary eyes
But there behold and see
A marvellous sunrise on the hill
So magnificently
Oozing watered reds and pink
Across the dappled sky
In panoramic view behold
A vision there up high
And thus infuse the day with charm
Despite the threat of rain
As Heavens glory lifts the mind
Like nature’s own cocaine


Have purpose every single day
One that shines really bright
With a plan to get from  morning
Through to the end at night

Have diligence, resourcefulness
To set out on your way
With inspiration to do good
And focus here to stay

Be visionary; have insight
For what you want to do
And set about to achieve it
For lives where skies shine blue

Ayahuasca Visionary Art by Howard G Charing

Ayahuasca Visionary Art by Howard G Charing (Photo credit: Howard G Charing)



Take a drop of inspiration
To put the colour in your day
With kisses of encouragement
To set out on your pathway

To lift you and enthuse you
To discover who you want to be
To show you aspiration
To open doors of possibility

To give vision and direction
With focus footholds sure
Using inspiration’s spirit
For motivation to do more