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Embracing Democracy

Tomorrow whether in or out
There really is little doubt
That we will still awake anew
To each new day to thus imbue
The goodness that this world can give
Continue breathing and will live

We’ll hope and laugh and love the same
We’ll still have dreams and still play games
The sun will set, the sun will rise
The rain will still fall from the skies
And seasons will turn through the year
With nature’s bounty’s ever near

And Earth will spin on her axis
Our home for all prosperity
Where nothing will have really changed
Less we allow in our exchange
A rule of hatred, venoms claw
Yet that would be foolish for sure

And so tomorrow, in or out
There really should be little doubt
That the only thing for true regret
Will be the will to not forget
And forgive those who don’t agree
Less embracing democracy

What’s The Best Fit For You?

I never realised there was a whole rule book for voting but thanks to this article I’m now fully informed!  Apologies to the journalist that spent hours crafting his submission only to have it wrecked in rhyme (or maybe not) 🙂 Herewith the Does and Don’ts of Voting! 

So don’t go taking selfies in the poll booth
Nor making any hullabaloo
For the mark that your making is simply
The one that’s the best fit for you

And don’t turn up dressed like a politician
With a rosette as big as your head
Nor chit chat all speak so political
For that will turn faces all red

Or should we say for political correctness
They’ll turn yellow or green or just blue
Or purple or pink, how you like it
Like we said it’s the best fit for you!

And if you want your dog to join in the party
(The poll booth, not political group)
You can take them along for the jolly
Just so long as you pick up their poop

Though for ponies and other such livestock
Leave them tethered outside for it’s true
That although we love them very muchly
Feel your vote is the best fit for you!

So hop along and cast your vote quickly
With a cross in the box on your own
Then head to the pub for a bevvy
You probably won’t be alone

And don’t tweet out your choice just in case of
A fracas and a legal to-do
For voting has been declared private
Like we said, the best fit that’s for you!

By secretlondon123 (originally posted to Flickr as Polling station) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By secretlondon123 (originally posted to Flickr as Polling station) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons