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The Best Things Are Worth Waiting For

I don’t like waiting in traffic
I don’t like to stand in a line
And queues drive me crazy inpatient
With that feeling of being confined

I don’t like hanging around for the postman
Nor holding on making a call
And the time it takes to watch paint drying
Is by far the worst feeling of all

Then the thing that drives me to distraction
I’ll admit is slow drivers or worse
The ones that dilly and dally unsafely
Yet then gesticulate and even curse!

And people who don’t have self-awareness
Who mock others and hurt them so bad
I can’t wait for their ways to catch up with them
For that day will remove what is sad

Yet despite all my utter impatience
There are some things I’ll hold on so true
Like Aunt Mabel who’s doddery and slower
And Little Jonny who’s only just two

The arrival of winter past summer
The bud to burst into full bloom
The end past the fruits of my labour
Then the sunlight that brightens the gloom

The chick to hatch out of the eggshell
The results of all hard work and more
And life in its fullness; each blessing
For the best things are worth waiting for

The Best Things Are Worth Waiting For