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Waiting Room

Scent of disinfectant
Sitting in a queue
Waiting to be seen
Will they ever say it’s you

Sat in bored submission
As hours and hours roll by
Others seem to come and go
But you? You might just die
While sitting, waiting, waiting
With bustle all about
Yet sadly we conclude that they’ll
Never shout your name out.

And as the lights dim quickly
The noise ceases; abates
And you remain still waiting
For sure it’s oh so late
As nurses disappear and
You realise none will see
You now or maybe never
Left there in Clinic C

Scent of disinfectant
Sitting in a queue
Waiting to be seen
That’s one short straw you drew


The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room,
Poignant with a pungent odour of sweating bodies under wet raincoats
Drenched from the torrential downpour
Pounding on the grey and dismal station platform that stretches out beyond the entrance door.

The Waiting Room,
Silent yet bustling with the crisp rustling of broadsheets and tabloids
Smearing black ink onto the readers’ grubby digits
And obscuring their visages wet from the rampant winter storms that are raging at the closed door.

The Waiting Room,
Optical with illusions sighting anticipation and boredom, frustration and resignation
Coffee cups and chocolate wrappers lay in gay abandon
Until a crackle in the pipes proposes a mass exodus onwards and outwards through the exit door.

The Waiting Room,
Still and tranquil with it’s tired decoration and worn facade bedraggled
Remains in situ, brown, in tatters and unloved
Condensation and mildew heavy, with rain lashing on the forlorn platform outside the opened door.

The Waiting Room,
A room where the world can wait
A room that looks out at a world in wait
A room that can do nothing but wait but a room in actuality that must not wait anymore!