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Waiting Patiently (Haiku)

Waiting patiently
Otherwise paraphrased as
Wholly bored to death

Waiting (A Haiku)

What is waiting if
It’s not the passing of time
Yet time waits for none

Time Travel


The Waiting Game

Life is a waiting game
That waits for time to pass
For years to roll on; weeks to go
Days to fall through hour glass

For seed to turn to flower
For this to become that
For miracles to take their time
To come out of the hat

Where waiting is worthwhile
Where time allows the space
For hope and faith and patience to
Be born; to grow with grace

But in this instant world
Or quickness and great speed
The gift of time is lost as we
Think “now” is what we need

The fast replacing slow
The week done in a day
Where seconds have a price tag
And time cannot delay

Yet still each life must stand in line
For each to realise
That somethings come to those who wait
For then they get the prize

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)