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What Hour Is This?

What hour is this? So early!
A ruse to get me up
To think I am a Lark of sorts
That drinks from sunrise cup

That wakes me from the dreams I’ve had
That bids me see the day
Yet I for one am quite content
To hibernate away

And stay under the bed clothes
Snuggle in duvet’s plume
Desperate to grab those extra Zeds
Though bells ring through the room

For with the clash of hammers
That buzz from my alarm
The day bursts forth with fortitude
And loses any charm!


I’m Not A Morning Person

I’m not a morning person and
I’m not keen on sunrise
I don’t want to hear the cockerel
I don’t want to open eyes
I don’t want to catch the lark sing
I don’t want to start the day
I’m not a morning person so
In bed I think I’ll stay!

Teenage Mornings

There is a breed who just don’t wake
In thunder storms or in earth quakes
Or in the rush of daily life
Whether under pressure or in great strife
Sleeping soundly through all loud alarms
Snoozing heavily, remaining calm
They dose throughout the morning rush
And slumber sound preferring hush
They snore their way through morning air
Before midday they do not care
Their beds are buddies to embrace
They’re duvet bound; there is no race
The cockerel they just don’t hear
It’s wondered if they’d sleep all year
And calls from parents go ignored
Whilst met with still the deepest snore
But hear the call of friend on phone
Or inbox come into the zone
With status update checking in
From Facebook or a twit tweeting
And suddenly they’re button bright
Up from their beds they do alight
And off they go upon their way
For teenage morning’s start at midday!