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Fooled By A Dream

Behold the azure sky
With scattered cotton wool clouds
Ahead the light of a golden sun
Shining onto verdant fields
Where pure crystal rain nourishes
A world at peace
Where each is reconciled to the other
Wars are no longer fought
Battles are but a distant memory
Love is the universal code
Uniting the hearts of humankind
And I shed a tear as I realise my April Fool
Fooled by a dream
A wish
A longing
An imagining that harmony
Collaboration could even exist
Were it so
I wish it was


C2H5OH (Alcohol)

A boozy little code
That wipes the mind; addles the brain
And puts each in the mode
Of wanton self destruction
When taken in excess
Wrecking the liver, heart and more
To cause in-toxic stress
That leaves one feeling sick
Hungover; out of sorts
From mixing up these elements
As wine or gin or port
Or vodka, beer or cider
However it might flow
So maybe it is sometimes best
To stick to H2O!


The Photographers (Haiku)

The photographers
Capturing water’s ripples
Through their fisheye lens


Gardens of Surprises

There’s a garden set at Burghley
Just back from Stamford town
That’s full of joy and hidden gems
To lift you if you’re down

A garden stocked with wonder
Surprises and much more
With sights and sounds of pure delight
That you will so adore

From waterfalls to mirrored maze
To obelisks and rill
With statues, sculptures, Caesar busts
Exuding fun to thrill

A place to walk and wonder
With mysteries at heart
Where magic secrets are revealed
Amidst the works of art

Written following a visit to the Gardens of Surprises at Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire UK.

Gardens of Suprises



A million tears spilt in a lake
A thousand shattered stars
A hundred broken hearts and souls
No dreams to keep in jars

No hope to hold in weakened hands
No peace from death’s dark clench
Nor safety ‘gainst the rotten tide
Just stagnant filthy stench

The stench of dirty water in
A river of disease
Infested microscopic bugs
No escape and no ease

Where water does not heal and mend
Instead contains the curse
To infiltrate, to kill, to maim
To go from bad to worse

Infected with the carcass of
A dead decaying beast
Polluted from industrial
Waste not last or least

Contaminated, so unclean
Just rotten to the core
The one thing that should be so clean
Now contains sewage raw

Where vile atomic cells await
Their victims to attack
And water; essence of each life
Has poison on its back

And children know not what they drink
What ills so very grim
Where water once the source of life
Consumes the small victim

A million tears spilt in a lake
A thousand shattered stars
A hundred broken hearts and souls
No dreams to keep in jars

Using a dirty water source at Acholi Dumu Village.

Using a dirty water source at Acholi Dumu Village. (Photo credit: Ryan’s Well Foundation)

The Desert of the Lost

I pray you never see this place
A far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

A land where streams are empty
Dried out and cracked so dry
A land where trees barely exist
And vultures fill the sky

A land where an oasis
Is just a faint mirage
And lakes are distant memories
And faded by the entourage

Of dreams cascading to illusions
Lost waterholes forgot
A land so parched and very dry
With searing heat so hot.

Where lives seem non-existent
Where no-one dares to go
A land devoid of water
Where the river never flows

I pray you’ll never go there
This desert of the lost
This place reserved for lonely souls
Where heartbreak counts the cost

This place where veins no longer
Can flow with life’s red blood
For hope and faith and trust and love
Are gone in tidal floods

No! I pray you never see this place
This far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

John The Water Drop

“Bath time!  Oh no! Not now!
Do I really have to Mum?”
John said with such a sulk
And a massive huge tantrum

And up the stairs he stomped
Stamping all the way
It wasn’t fair!  It wasn’t right
That his day should end this way

So he splashed into the bath tub
In a mood as black as soot
But in his haste he knocked a bottle
Of bubbles with his foot

And all at once they emptied out
They swirled and disappeared
Into the water in a flash
Now John was near to tears

But then an odd thing happened
For he felt so feather light
And realised by some magic
He’d vanished out of sight

For in that small short second
He’d become a water drop
And was heading down the plug hole
With the others – drip drip drop!

He headed to the drains
And there right out of town
To the sewers for a cleaning
Where he was hosed the whole way down

From the sewers he then travelled
Into the waterways
That fed down to the oceans
The sea’s wet and salty spray

But before he knew much else
He felt an odd feeling
As he started to evaporate
And drift high to the ceiling

The ceiling of the world
Where clouds just came and went
And sure enough he joined them
His energy quite spent

But that wasn’t quite the end
Of John the water drop
For before he’d re accustomed
He was falling in big plops

Of rain or was it snow
He really wasn’t sure
But in a short few minutes
He was back on earth once more

And heading to a lake
A huge big reservoir
Where water for the local town
Was drawn from near and far

And so he thus continued
As a droplet with the rest
Towards a place he recognised
The place he liked the best

Ahead a noisy gurgle
He gulped – it made him think
And with a splutter and a splosh
He arrived back in his sink

And there the magic ended
He became a boy again
From then on bathing daily
Save returning to the drain!


This story of John the water drop was used to illustrate the water cycle when my children were little! 

Just a Drop

Just a drop
Is all they want
In this world that is so blue
A drop of clean pure water
A drop or maybe two

Just a drop
That’s not polluted
From chemicals and industry
Full of nitrates and fake hormones
Degrading water quality

Just a drop
That’s not infected
From waterborne disease
Full of cholera and dysentery
That drives them to their knees

Just a drop
That’s not infested
With decay and human poo
And lack of sanitation
That means a wash is dirty too

Just a drop
Is all they want
In this world that is so blue
Just a drop of clean pure water
So far between and few!