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Life’s Rollercoaster

Life is but a roller coaster
On the waves of experience
Rolling in on the crests
Being submerged in the troughs
Where the highs and the lows
Ebb and flow rhythmically
Yet where tidal propagation
Hangs on our topographic maps
Shaping the here and now
The then and there
All in the name of autonomy

Life's Rollercoaster



Looking at the ocean and seeing waves
Water from heaven
Droplets from the earth
Merged in the blue to beyond
Life and death in a cycle
Turning with the moon
In tides that never end



If I were a wave I think “wow, how cool”
To roam and to roll everywhere
For as water I’d go all over the globe
Or as a sound wave travel through air

As a microwave that would be pretty good
Although matters might get a tad hot
Or maybe a radio wave would be best
Maybe that would just then hit the spot

But the best wave of all, I think would be light
To race with great speed like sunshine
Through the universe onwards to infinity
Now that wave would suit me just fine!



Across the shallow water
A ripple spread right out
Small gentle undulations
Set off waves of change no doubt

They rose and fell like breakers
With considered consequence
From disturbances resulting
In suspicion and suspense

And the subtle alterations
The fluxing of the flow
The variation of rhythm
Caused the tide to cockle so

But isn’t life just so full of ripples
That transverse how we behave
Ringing changes through the ages
To ride on the crests of waves