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Sod’s Law

How come when there’s a deadline
The time just flies so fast
Yet when we want to leave a place
Each minute seems to last

And how can one hour drag so much
Lest speed up – go so slow.
Yet when we’re in a massive rush
The clocks ping forward so!

Or what occurs when we must dash
From place A to place B
The traffic slows or simply jams
On roads; stops our journey

Or if we’ve got a lot of  time
The lights all turn to green
But under pressure you’ll be sure
That only red is seen

Then in exams why is it that
The subjects that we know
Will be bypassed in favour of
Those we’ve forgotten so!

I’ll tell you why for it is said
That “sod’s law” is a curse
The axiom “Expect the best
But then plan for the worse”