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Sonnet To Will Shakespeare

So trying something a little different especially for children, but hopefully adults can enjoy this as well.

Sonnet To Year Sixes

I look back on my school days happily
The friends I’ve made and all those hours of fun
Like fab times that are in my memory
Shining brightly like rays from a hot sun
That sparkle like the stars up in the sky
All fresh and good like grass so verdant green
That fly so free on wings of bird up high
The best days of my life that there have been
And yet now I must say a sad farewell
And move to a new school further away
To make more friends and hear a fresh class bell
As new beginnings open up each day
       Yet still I will have learnt so much from here
       As now I step into my seventh year

English: colourful sunset. knysna, south afric...

English: colourful sunset. knysna, south africa. slightly photoshopped to enhance the colours. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sonnet To An English Sunday Afternoon

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
In garden chair on lawn with glass in hand
Under a sky so blue that seems in tune
With siestas being taken cross the land
Where time stands still and sleep creeps up to bid
Each languisher the rest that they deserve
And slowly close and seal heavy eye lid
With sips of chardonnay from wine reserve
Yet clouds blow in from far flown eastern shore
A breeze besets the garden’s sultry bliss
Chilled wine sojourns and can be poured no more
Instead a cup of tea cross lips does kiss
       For Sunday afternoon is but a dream
       But not always as warm as it might seem

English: The Victorian garden, Burnby Hall, Po...

English: The Victorian garden, Burnby Hall, Pocklington The Balk, Pocklington, YO42 2QF. The lake in the gardens has more than 80 lily cultivars and houses the National Collection of water lilies. Sunday afternoon band concerts in the Summer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet To The Bard

Shakespeare, poetic prince with priceless crown
From age that’s gone yet still imprints on me
The bard, the playwright, son of Stratford town
Words eloquent for all eternity
Where time has no beginning and no end
The alpha and omega of such verse
That goes before to now so greatly penned
Across the literal sea and universe
But not esteemed throughout his own short life
That spanned just five decades and then two years
A man who countered academic strife
Yet now as national poet is revered
       Still ghost of Shakespeare haunts the world’s huge stage
       As man with many parts survives the age

This was long thought to be the only portrait ...

This was long thought to be the only portrait of William Shakespeare that had any claim to have been painted from life, until another possible life portrait, the Cobbe portrait, was revealed in 2009. The portrait is known as the ‘Chandos portrait’ after a previous owner, James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos. It was the first portrait to be acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in 1856. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet to Love Lost

Your love that shines forth as a summer’s day
Across the seas of passion wild and free
With rays that warm, that sing, that always play
Your heart that bleeds rose blood always for me
The petals of a flower that never fade
The sky that holds the universe as one
The depths of love that swells in life’s parade
The sun that warms, the stars my soul hath won
But yet you walk, you turn and disappear
Your coldness like the icecap swiftly breaks
Your eyes empty, indifferent not so dear
Your love now lost; your heart in tidal wake
        Still I will know that you have once loved me
        For love holds true in all eternity

Only Time... (49854383)

Only Time… (49854383) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St George’s Day

English Reserve has gone too far
Been stifled for too long
Been closeted behind closed doors
The tight lipped English Song
That’s never sung; that’s never said
That fails to rear its head
To even stop just for a day
And paint the town so red
To celebrate the saint, Saint George
The knight who dragon slay
Upholding his faith to the end
To walk the Christian way
The man whose legend goes beyond
A story to a realm
A kingdom that unites all else
To stand right at the helm
The land who green and pleasant lands
Have paved through history
A reason to shout out about
My England; great country!

Today, April 23rd is St George’s day, England’s national day.  Usually a low key event, this year (2014) national pride is being promoted with celebrations around the country to mark its Patron saint whose feast day has been on this day since 1350.

Flag of England

Flag of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Love?

Is it the embrace of a lovers’ kiss?
A sonnet imparted
A red rose
Sweet nothings whispered in an ear
A hug, a caress, or a hand to hold
Is it a look that transcends all emotions?
Or a touch that resonates in an essence entwined
Does love not champion and give succour?

Is it marked by indelible etchings into another’s heart?
A sentiment felt
Steadfast, honest, patient and sincere
Delivering kindness, selflessly in benefaction
Imbuing senses symphonically and with crescendo
Yet peacefully redeeming and nurturing the inner sanctum
Is love not contingent on being unconditional?

Is love the commentary of passionate senses abducted?
Time in waiting
A satiation of true devotion and affection
The indispensible impetus in life towards unifying the separated
Yet in its magnitude an expression of the inexpressible
For a life time into eternity love is without definition
For love’s rendition needs no translation.

Wishing our friends who got married yesterday and all other couples who are tying the knot this summer a life of love, happiness, fulfilment and contentment in the years to come.