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Deucy Strawberries

Strawberries, red and yummy ripe
All laden high with cream
Or packed in scones on pretty plates
Munched in between the screams
And ‘oohs’ and ‘aghhhs’
On tennis court
So quintessentially
As Wimbledon gets under way
With score fifteen: thirty
And deuce – so very juicy
These strawberries at their best
For summer sport with glass of Pimms
Now that is Englishness!


Strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


South West London, the place to be
For tennis and a Strawberry Tea
Where whites abound and racquets meet
On grass courts with the pure elite
And points meet cheers or harrowed gasps
From crowds with brollies tightly clasped
While green and purple hues arise
As balls in play await the prize.
For two whole weeks the games go on
The matches played, the days are long
The players come, the players go
The sets and games, the seeds to sow
Until the final games are played
And victories are not delayed
Declaring each a champion
For those who win at Wimbledon.

South West London, the place to catch
When the umpire says “game, set, match!”

Wishing Andy Murray and Laura Robson all the best in the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.