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The Wind Turbines

We stand on century duty
Three arms up in the air
Catching the wind in breezy flight
To distribute and share
Kinetic energy renewed
As clean mechanic power
Producing electricity
For hour upon long hour

And all along in silent shift
We sit horizon bound
In slender white apparel tall
Towering out from the ground
As watchmen in the countryside
Or even just offshore
Our turbines to attention stand
To harvest wind galore



Rain! (A Haiku)

Ahh! The rain’s arrived
Refreshing and welcoming
But always so wet!

Rain on the field

Rain on the field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Storm Clouds

Such a grey day outside
Storm clouds billowing across the skies
In ominous swathes of judgement
Inauspiciously gathering with apocalyptic fervour
Summoning the torrential deluge
The tumultuous tempest
The foreboding squall
The cascade from the heavens
To silence the birdsong
With her hand of menacing sodden doom

The clouds were amazing this afternoon during ...

The clouds were amazing this afternoon during the storm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Blowing Quite A Gale

It’s blowing quite a gale outside
A-howling at the wall
And crashing round the garden
To carry one and all
Its power to move the mighty
To break, to readjust
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Staying in is quite a must
It’s gusting in a fury
It’s force so blustery
And whistling all the while it blows
Straight down the small alley
To drag all in its path and wake
The wind is wild today
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Guess we’d best stay out the way!



Beware The Wind

Beware the wind of discontent
That whistles violently
That whisks the eddies of the pond
That bends the bough of tree

That rattles all the window panes
That chases with great force
That sweeps along the tidal flow
That flattens in its course

That drives the sunshine from the sky
That swirls the earth in cloud
That hurtles through the stillest place
That hurls abuse out loud

Beware the wind of discontent
That whistles violently
Disguised in a venomous storm
That wipes out you and me

And in its wake when there is peace
Inhale and breathe in calm
Renew, rebuild and vitalise
To do no further harm