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Sour Grapes

The only way to take your grapes
Is as a glass of wine.
For sour grapes just don’t hit the spot
And really just ain’t fine
So trample grapes all softly
Sit back and then enjoy
A glass of red or white or pink
A taster to employ
A means to otherwise forget
Those ones that might be sour
For grapes in wine are better – yes?
At any time or hour!

English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley...



Friday night and six o’clock
Afore one sits to dine
Collect a glass and top it up
Of chilled refreshing wine

A Pinot or a Chardonnay
Or Chablis if you dare
Just take a glass of vino to
Chillax; let down your hair!

Or maybe Merlot or indeed
Cabernet Sauvignon
Will tempt you then to check your glass
You simply can’t go wrong!

For with a sip of grape that’s been
Fermented on the way
The weekend starts with earnest to
Signal it’s time to play

Cold French wine Chablis made from Chardonnay

Cold French wine Chablis made from Chardonnay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wine O’Clock

A wine shortage – are you quite mad?
What has the world come to?
For it is said in a short time
There’ll be quite a to do
As then for sure a glass of white
For instance Chardonnay
Will not be such a common thing
As it is now today

And then what will become of that
Infamous hour we call
Wine O’clock when all folk stop
To pop a cork and all
To then partake in a small drop
Or glass or two of wine
For as we know some Beaujolais
Can make all things seem fine!

Glass of Beaujolais wine.

Glass of Beaujolais wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sum of Age

For what is age if nothing more
Than a count of years gone by
A measure of the days once lived
Just numbers in the sky!

For there appears another view
That might be the real deal
For one thing is for certain that
You’re just the age you feel

For older or still wiser and
Improving every day
Age is the wine or fruit ripening
The clock unwound per se

For what is age if nothing more
Than a count of years gone by
A sum of numbers clocking up
As seen in the mind’s eye!


The Christmas Party

And now the Christmas party
So jolly and so bright
To take the time to raise a glass
As Christmas is in sight

To sip a bit of sherry
Or sample all the wine
And meet up with some friends from old
Good food consume and dine

To don a bit of sparkle
To get all tinsely
To dance up on the table or
To music so lively

To live a bit and celebrate
The year that’s been and gone
And generally let down the hair
To party all night long!