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Ooops! It’s All A little ♯


I know that you blame me
Say it’s my fault it’s gone wrong
But in truth you need to see
The notes of your own song
Because there’s nothing melodic
Nor in harmony
With those who miss notes out
Play in a different key

So make some adjustments
Change your rhythm and pitch
And sort out those discords
To prevent further itch
And then, when the music
Has an inclusive score
It will play more in tune
Cause a lot less uproar!



Bricks and Mortar of Life

In life it’s far too easy
To get hold of some bricks
And build up walls or barricades
Thinking they’ll do the trick
Of blocking confrontation
Keeping the out-group out
In ways that when alls said and done
Do little without doubt

Yet if we use those bricks to lay
A path on which we walk
Together we will learn much more
Can listen and can talk
So that assumptions render none
Judged in a way that they
Will feel abused; misunderstood
Or hurt in any way.

So given half a dozen bricks
A bucket of cement
Use these tools wisely to embrace
A life of good intent
And pave ways forward that ensure
Each opportunity
Considers truth; upholds goodness
And paves integrity


If someone does a favour
Have the grace to say
How much it is applauded
In every single way

And do not take advantage
Of their kind natured will
Less stab in the back and push
Them to do much more still

And also do not analyse
What you get; what you gain
But instead think what you can give
What you can do again

And show appreciation
Give people true value
For life is mutually better
When one head becomes two

And without power imbalance
Without a rod and stick
Work in collaboration
Get on and do it quick!